Mars Society South Asia Launches New Website for IRC, IRDC

We are glad to announce that Mars Society South Asia is launching a new website specifically for its Rover Challenge series competitions, International Rover Challenge and International Rover Design Challenge.

This website will act as the new official medium of all information, notifications and announcements related to IRC and IRDC from now on. This has been done to ensure a clean and more clear distinction between various competitions organized, and to be organized, by Mars Society South Asia.

Registration for this year’s competitions will also be done on the new website. All the relevant submissions will go through this new website as well.

We urge all the teams to regularly check the site for any new information or announcements regarding IRC and IRDC.

We’d like to thank all the rover teams throughout the world for their constant support and we hope to provide you with a more fulfilling and rewarding experience as we move ahead.

You can visit the site from here :