Official Rulebook for IRDC 2021, IRC 2022 Launched

MSSA has announced, along with the launch of a new website, the release of the official rulebooks for International Rover Design Challenge 2021 and International Rover Challenge 2022.

This is a new chapter for both IRDC and IRC, as there are many significant changes made to the previous editions. This has been done to ensure that the complete life cycle of the development of a prototype Mars Rover is considered and evaluated.

One major change this year is in the qualification process for IRC 2022.

To qualify for the on-site Finals, teams will have to successfully clear System Design and Development Review (SDDR), which has two components: an SDDR report and an SDDR video. This is one way of qualifying for the finals. In addition to that, teams will have another route to qualify for the finals, where teams can opt to use their International Rover Design Challenge 2021 ( scores to be considered instead of an SDDR video. An SDDR report still has to be submitted in this route.

We hope the teams take this newly added dimension to IRC and IRDC in stride and are able to extract a lot more knowledge and experience from this new face of IRC and IRDC.

The registration window for the IRDC 2021 will be open from June 25 to July 10, 2021, and the System Concept Review (SCR) Package submission deadline is August 15, 2021. All necessary forms and guidelines will be available on the official IRC and IRDC website (

Meanwhile, the IRC registration form will be available online on the IRC website ( from August 20-31, 2021.